16 Juni 2020

A year without Francine

Today is one year since Francine Shapiro sadly passed away. Francine is missed dearly by the entire EMDR community that developed thanks to her intuition and magnificence. Today we want to remember her great human and professional value. Her commitment in giving relief to the pain of trauma and her dedication in contributing to people’s well being is still an example to follow for all those who, like her, believe that a better  world is possible by alleviating the consequences of trauma.
She never stopped working to expand what EMDR therapy could offer and she inspired us to develop successful relationships and projects that made our EMDR community strong. She was a great clinician and a wonderful human being. She is with us in our daily practice, in every EMDR session…. She is present in our  life and in our hearts.
Therapists and clients will keep benefiting from her legacy for generations. We will keep working for making this possible… This is the mission of EMDR Europe Association. Warm regards to everybody and let’s be really close today in the first anniversary of her loss,
Isabel Fernandez, President EMDR Europe